24 Mar 2016

Tips for Conquering the Literature Review from the Beginning

The literature review process can be one of the most stressful aspects of the dissertation, often because it comes so early in the writing process. This single chapter of your dissertation represents all of the background research you’ve done on your topic, the long history of academic work that has been completed on your area of specialty, as well as what you are going to...
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16 Mar 2016

Writing an Engaging Secondary Application Essay for Medical School

You’ve successfully completed the basic application for medical school. Congratulations on making it through this difficult initial process; we know how tough it can be! Now that you’ve finished the first round, however, you need to step up your application process and deal with your second hurdle: the secondary application essays. The purpose of the secondary application is to demonstrate why you want to be...
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10 Mar 2016

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Cover Letter

Writing an effective cover letter is an essential part of the professional job application process. Maybe in high school or college you had no trouble finding jobs without including cover letters. Or maybe you have the same cover letter that you edit slightly to submit when applying for every single job. Unfortunately, the indisputable fact is that you got those jobs despite the lack of...
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2 Mar 2016

How to Boost Your Productivity Through a Writing Group

One of the main tools that boosted my productivity when I was earnestly trying to write my dissertation was a writing group. Despite having written countless papers, reviews, and articles in the past, I found myself frozen and overwhelmed when facing the prospect of writing a whole dissertation. Instead of trying to write something, anything, I simply procrastinated the entire writing process. It was a...
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24 Feb 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Working With a Statistician on your Dissertation

Chances are that, despite being an expert in education, psychology, management, etc., you aren’t a statistician. And you don’t need to be—generally speaking, becoming a PhD means becoming an expert in your specific field of study, not becoming an expert in designing a statistically sound study or in analyzing data. Therefore, one of the most beneficial steps you can take toward completing a statistically sound...
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23 Jul 2015

Editing: The Key to Your Company’s “Image Control”

Any successful business owner will tell you that your business is only as good as your reputation. If your reputation tanks, your revenue is soon to follow—before you know it, you could find yourself bailing out of a sinking ship. That’s why protecting your company’s image is essential to maintaining your position in the industry and continuing to grow. I like to call this idea...
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5 Mar 2015

Mastering the MBA Essay

Having worked with hundreds of students and professionals applying to business school, I’ve seen it all – essays that are too short, too impersonal (or too personal), too wordy, too packed with data and facts, etc. For many applicants, MBA essays are synonymous with qualifications. They focus on listing out every relevant position, activity, award, and volunteer experience that they can think of to prove...
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12 Feb 2015

Submitting Your Dissertation: What You Need to Know

Having worked with countless graduate students nearing the end of their doctoral career over the years, I am often struck by how uninformed they are about the dissertation submission process. This ignorance is generally through no fault of their own; as things often do in graduate school, the details about this part of the dissertation process often slip through the cracks. In fact, many graduate...
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