Book Editing


Whether you are writing your first book or you are a well-established author, the marketability of your book depends on the quality of the content that you deliver. We help to ensure that your book becomes famous for its content and not its flaws, with our professional book editing and proofreading services. We will edit your book to refine its sentence structure, paragraph structure, tone and syntax, improving its overall effect. Our editors will restructure and reorganize the contents of your book as necessary in order to enhance readability and maximize the book’s impact, ensuring that your readers will remain enthralled with the contents of your book.

We will also assist in the editing of your biography and any other documents that will accompany your publication submission package (cover letters, plot summary, marketing report, etc.), to create a polished product for submission to publication agencies. If you require editing for fictional works, our book editors will evaluate the characters, plot and dialogue of your manuscript, making the required edits. Conversely, if you require editing for a non-fiction book, our editors will evaluate your content for logic and clarity in order to improve the overall quality of your writing. We will also edit the table of contents and index of your book, delivering a final product that you will be proud to publish.

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