EditingWorm serves as a valued partner for content creation and editing for our company. They ensure our content accurately conveys our desired message by creating a focused and professional document. EditingWorm’s competitive advantage, compared to other editing services, is their ability to ensure content is developed from the perspective of the reader/customer. Always timely, professional, and enjoyable to work with, I highly recommend Katrina and her EditingWorm team of professionals.

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  • 74% of consumers care about error-free writing on company websites
  • 59% of consumers would avoid doing business with a company with blatant grammatical errors or typos
  • 58% of consumers are annoyed by copy errors

Good grammar is simply good business!

A stockpile of well-written documents is an important asset to any organization or business professional. However, a lack of time and attention to the mechanics of writing can result in the circulation of poorly drafted documents that can cause serious damage to your professional reputation. Our business editing service ensures that all of your written communication with vendors, employees, customers, investors, and professional associates maintains a consistent level of quality across all document types and channels of distribution.

To ensure that your organization’s hard-won reputation is maintained, we’ll edit your business letters, forms, templates, reports, proposals, contracts, surveys, training manuals, newsletters, conference materials, and other types of business documents and content to ensure that each piece of writing adheres to the same standards in style, structure, and format.

Here at EditingWorm, we believe that quality business editing involves more than just proofreading for typos and grammatical errors. It also involves what we call image control – a type of quality control for your brand’s image and reputation. That’s why our service also includes editing for context, consistency, cultural/technical accuracy, and clarity. Above all, our editing packages guarantee a more polished professional image for you and your business.

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What’s included:

  • Correction of typos, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Revisions for grammatical accuracy, clarity, and flow, including adjustments to sentence structure
  • Editing for compliance to a specified style guide (if requested)
  • Attention to issues related to context, consistency, and cultural/technical accuracy in your writing