As I read through the revisions to my dissertation, I found myself amazed at the level of detail the edits encompassed. Getting started was easy and friendly. Describing the service as thorough doesn’t come close to doing my editor justice. The editing report and document comments were encouraging and instructional. The turnaround time was quick given the massive amount of detailed review involved in the editing. Accepting the document revisions via document tracking was a breeze since the edits were done for me and not simply pointed out for my attention. Well worth the money.

Rod B., PhD Candidate, Management

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Take your dissertation or thesis to the next level.

We all need help sometimes, especially when it comes to academic writing. No matter their background—whether returning to school to get a higher degree or continuing into graduate school straight out of college—many of our clients find that they don’t possess the necessary graduate-level writing skills that their programs require of them. We understand perfectly: you’ve spent years acquiring the specialized knowledge needed to excel in your field or industry, and learning how to write in a scholarly or technical manner wasn’t your priority. Although it may come as a surprise, you don’t have to be an excellent writer to successfully complete a dissertation or thesis. That’s where EditingWorm comes in!

We understand that you’ve spent years acquiring discipline-specific knowledge, and learning academic writing wasn’t your priority.

EditingWorm’s PhD-level editors have not only worked with countless master’s and doctoral students to help them polish their theses and dissertations in preparation for defense and final submission, but we have gone through this agonizingly demanding process ourselves. In both cases, we’ve had extremely positive results.

As experts in academic writing with decades of combined experience, our versatile editors and consultants are available to step in at any stage in your writing process to ease your stress and put you on the fast track to degree completion.

Whether you’re in need of editing, formatting, or consulting services, we’re here to support and guide you every step of the way. With respected scholars from a wide range of disciplines on staff, we provide professionalism and insight during this challenging time in your academic career. That’s why using our dissertation/thesis services will result in a final product that will earn you the accolades and title for which you have worked so hard!


Common scenarios we’ve encountered in our work with graduate students:

  • Individuals who have a promising research design but are stalled at the literature review process, completely overwhelmed by the in-depth research it requires.
  • Hard-working professionals who are pursuing their PhD while working full-time with the goal of advancing their career, but have no time for the revisions and rewrites that are demanded of them.
  • Dedicated students whose progress has been hindered by a particularly difficult or demanding dissertation chair, advisor, or committee member—often going through dozens of chapter drafts with no end in sight.
  • Doctoral students who have been forced to switch chairs or advisors against their will—often multiple times—and have seen their study come to a standstill as a result.
  • Frustrated individuals who are receiving conflicting feedback or directions from different professors or committee members.

Frantic doctoral candidates who are racing to finish their dissertation, edit, and format it in time to meet a hard deadline for degree completion.

Take a deep breath. We’ve been there and we know exactly how to help.

We Offer:

  • Consultation with PhD-level editors who have been through the rigors of the dissertation and/or thesis submission process.
  • Different levels of editing to meet your individual needs and address any feedback you’ve received from committee members.
  • Formatting services to ensure that your dissertation/thesis layout follows not only your chosen style guide (APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, MLA, Oxford, etc.), but university-specific guidelines as well. All of our editors are experts in APA 6th edition!
  • Citation formatting that ensures accurate in-text and reference list citations, while cross-checking each of your sources and fixing any inconsistencies, regardless of the number of sources you may have!
  • Phone and email communication providing you with personalized support and insight regarding your graduate experience.
  • Consulting services designed to provide additional support and guidance to graduate students throughout their academic careers.


We understand that every individual’s needs are different, which is why we offer two levels of editing—allowing you to choose the level that best meets your personal needs. Whether you require a light edit or deeper revisions, our experienced editors will work with you to develop a final product that satisfies the high standards of both you and your committee.

As a tight-knit, family-owned business, all of our editors and consultants are committed to our mission of helping students toward success, every step of the way. That’s why our personalized, comprehensive editing services are designed to assist each of our clients in achieving their individual goals and successfully clearing the hurdles that lie in their path to degree completion.

We’ve heard too many horror stories from individuals who have spent their hard-earned money only to receive unacceptable editing services and be back at square one. That’s why we do things differently, focusing on personalization, communication, and a highest quality final product.

Our editing services help speed up the time to degree completion by 1-2 semesters on average, which will save you tons on tuition!

Our Editing Services Include:

  • Editors with PhDs in their discipline and scholarly publications under their belt who have an intimate understanding of the demands of the dissertation process.
  • Detailed feedback aimed at not only enhancing the quality of your document, but at helping you improve your overall writing skills as well.
  • Editing of individual chapters, prospectuses, or proposals to address your specific needs. We prefer to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, working with them throughout the doctoral process as they complete the various degree components.
  • Unlimited email correspondence throughout the editing process.
  • One round of complimentary follow-up revisions to satisfy any additional concerns or requests that you or your committee may have.






This service is designed to help you with final polishing of your document. It includes corrections to the spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your document, as well as edits for style guide compliance (APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, etc.).

This service goes a step beyond light editing. In addition to checking for spelling, grammar, style (APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, etc.), and punctuation errors, we assist you in refining sentence and paragraph structure, tone, and syntax to improve the overall readability of your document. The strength and consistency of your argumentation will also be evaluated, providing detailed feedback aimed at enhancing the clarity and logic of your document. MOST POPULAR

  • Short documents less than 30 pages: 5-7 days
  • Length of 150 pages or less: 2 weeks.
  • Length of over 150 pages: 3 weeks.
  • NOTE: Rush services are available for an additional fee

     I would highly recommend EditingWorm. Their editors have excellent attention to detail and provide ‘above and beyond’ editing. In fact, I received more useful feedback in relation to my writing from EditingWorm than from my dissertation supervisors!

    Anita C., Doctorate in Psychology

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    After years of working on your graduate degree, the end is in sight! As you prepare for your final dissertation/thesis defense, it’s important to remember that most universities have strict formatting guidelines for dissertation and thesis submission. These painful formatting requirements are in addition to whatever style guide you’re using (APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, etc.). Thankfully, our formatting experts are well versed in both university and style guide standards for dissertation and thesis formatting.

    We provide three different options for dissertation/thesis formatting to meet your individual needs.





    Our formatting experts will ensure the accurate format of all in-text (parenthetical or footnote) and reference list (References, Works Cited, or Bibliography) citations according to a standard style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, Oxford). All citations will be cross-checked and any missing references will be flagged.

    Our formatting experts will ensure the accurate layout of your dissertation/thesis according to a standard style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, Oxford) and/or university style manual. This includes attention to front matter, Table of Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures, headers, page numbering, table and figure formatting, appendices, etc.

    Our formatting experts correctly format and cross-check all in-text and reference list citations to a specified style guide, in addition to ensuring accurate layout of your dissertation/thesis to a style guide or university style manual. MOST POPULAR

  • Length of 100 pages or less: 5 days
  • Length of over 100 pages: 10 days
  • NOTE: Rush services are available for an additional fee.

    Check out our Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Page for more information.


    Do you find that actually getting writing done is the hardest part of the thesis/dissertation process? Are you having trouble understanding your chair’s feedback? Unsure of what steps to take to complete the proposal or qualifying process?

    Never fear–our consulting services are designed to provide additional support and guidance to master’s and doctoral students throughout their graduate careers. Whether you need someone to hold you accountable to deadlines, help you develop an effective writing plan, or advise you in navigating your relationship with a difficult committee member, our PhD-level consultants are here to make sure that you make it through the arduous dissertation/thesis process.

    Our content development consultants assist you with the development of your dissertation, starting at whatever stage you’re in, from developing a dissertation topic to conducting research to writing a prospectus, introduction, literature review, and all other chapters.

    This works one of two ways.

    1. Writing consulting

    If you need help getting started writing or staying on track with writing, we offer:

    • Phone/Skype consultation(s) with a dissertation consultant who assists you in preparing a plan for developing your writing
    • Conversations to help address any issues/questions you may have
    • Detailed feedback on research ideas and guidance regarding the complexities of the research and writing process
    • Development of a concrete, manageable plan with regular writing milestones to meet each day/week
    • Accountability to hold you to that strict schedule

    2. Rewriting consulting

    If you need help with rewriting based on committee feedback, we offer:

    • Consultants who will work closely with you to provide the guidance you need to meet all of the expectations of your chair/committee
    • A close review of the feedback you’ve received from committee members and other sources
    • An assessment and annotation of your existing draft providing detailed comments to guide you through the rewrite
    • A structured plan and outline to assist you with completing the rewrite

    Other consulting services include assistance with the presentation of data and the design of appropriate tables and figures to display your results.


    Our experienced researchers assist you with identifying and documenting the current scholarship related to your dissertation/thesis topic, including peer-reviewed journal articles, monographs, reports, case studies, meta-analyses, reviews, government publications/reports, and more.

    Our Academic Research Services Include:

    • PhD-level assistance with researching current scholarship in your field
    • A tailored research approach to meet your specific needs, including consulting specific electronic and on-site archives* or accessing discipline-specific scholarly databases.
    • A final research report delivered to meet your specified parameters
    • Bibliographic information and reference lists provided as per the specified citation style

    *Additional travel fees may apply.

    Check out our Academic Research Page for more information.

    Benefits of EditingWorm Consulting:

    • One-on-one conversations with PhD-level consultants who have literally been in your shoes—we know how much coffee and tears it takes to write a prospectus, a chapter, and a final thesis/dissertation. Our consultants will keep you accountable to deadlines but also recognize that sometimes you just need to vent.
    • Accountability so that your filing deadline won’t sneak up on you! We’ll make sure you’re prepared for your defense and degree filing ahead of time to allow for any last-minute requests from committee members.
    • Guidance in lieu of or in addition to a thesis/dissertation advisor who may be unreachable, a bit flaky, or who otherwise fails to meet all of your guidance needs.
    • Subject-specific mentorship in terms of your field’s specific standards for research and writing.
    Contact us to determine how our consulting services can help you achieve your goals


    Very satisfied. Worth every penny of their rates. One of the best editors I have ever used. Wish I could hire them for everything I write. Very professional and detailed work.

    Dave C., PhD Candidate in Social Work

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    • Experts in higher education who understand what it takes to excel
    • Academic editors with PhDs and intimate knowledge of industry standards
    • Consistently high-quality services that you can depend on
    • Personalized, responsive customer service throughout the editing process
    • Adherence to a strict code of ethics, promoting the values of honesty, integrity, respect, trust, open communication, and confidentiality


    • Expertise: We boast an intimate knowledge of the writing and style requirements for dissertations and theses. Our editors ensure that your document follows all standards, making for a smoother submission and defense process.
    • Specialized editing: Our editing services assist you in addressing the specialized feedback and requests you receive from your chair/adviser or other committee members. We are well versed in satisfying the concerns of demanding professors or committees.
    • Peace of mind: We help you produce a polished final product that you can be proud of. Lay your worries about typos aside; we will do the meticulous editing to catch all the errors in your document!
    • Save time: We know your time is precious and that you’re up against tight deadlines. Don’t stress about doing all the work yourself to meet your due date—let us take care of the editing and formatting for you. We offer quick turnaround services to meet your last-minute needs.