Whether your mission is the preservation of your family history in a personal memoir, or you aspire to become a published novelist, our ghostwriting service provides you with the necessary channel to translate your ideas into concrete form. Our ghostwriting service includes all of the writing and editing that goes into the production of a quality manuscript that is suitable for publication. Researching, interviewing, fact checking and indexing services are also available upon request. If your ghostwriting project falls into the fictional category, our writers will work with you to develop the characters, plot and dialogue of your book, making sure that the final result fully aligns with your vision. Our ghostwriting service also includes the composition of your biography and any other documents that will accompany your publication submission package (cover letters, plot summary, marketing report, etc.), to create a polished product for submission to publication agencies.

As a ghostwriting client, you should know that we always uphold the strictest standards of privacy in all work that we undertake. We establish a relationship of trust with you from the start, keeping your priceless ideas for that future best seller strictly confidential at all times. You receive full ownership rights for all written work that our company produces on your behalf at the time that your payment is rendered. Seeing your name in print with the potential for high profits all begins with the high quality, confidential ghostwriting services offered by EditingWorm.

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