Manuscript Editing

Once you’ve dedicated a seemingly countless number of hours to the creation of your literary masterpiece, the next step that you must take is a final review of your content to make your manuscript publication-ready. Our manuscript editing service adds the finishing touches to your novels, short stories, articles, query letters, poetry, plays, speeches and more. Our editors strive to improve your literary skills in order to help make you a better writer in the long run.

We will edit your manuscript to refine its sentence structure, paragraph structure, tone and syntax, improving its overall readability. We will also proofread your manuscript to correct the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors found in your writing, resulting in more coherent content for your readers. Our service also includes an evaluation of the character and plot development (for fictional pieces) and of the logic and clarity (for nonfiction pieces), making the necessary revisions to improve the overall quality of your manuscript. As part of our service, our editors remain faithful to your writing style and authorial voice, and are careful to follow any special editing rules that you provide us with. This ensures that your signature writing style is maintained throughout your manuscript, while delivering editorial improvements that only further enhance your individual style.