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EditingWorm was a great investment in my pursuit to complete my dissertation. My editor was thorough, professional, and efficient while working with me. They asked questions and responded in a timely manner. Additionally, the feedback that I received was on point as I completed my dissertation. Thanks again!

Keith M.
PhD Candidate in Social Work

EditingWorm was INCREDIBLE! EditingWorm’s writers have amazing writing skills and do a great job of researching the subject to make sure the content created is both relevant and accurate. Most of all, their response time will blow your mind. I needed the content created in a crunch and they came through in a big way. EditingWorm exceeded my expectations many times over. I definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for quality, professionalism, and fast delivery. Don’t hesitate to work with them…THEY’RE AWESOME! Thanks EditingWorm!

Maurice J.
Business professional

EditingWorm was a one-stop-shop for all my thesis needs. They were able to not only point out corrections, but guided me in a direction that resulted in the best paper possible. It was like having a personal assistant 24/7; they returned every email within an hour’s time and I couldn’t be happier. I highly advise any student or writer to ONLY use this service because you are guaranteed a final product that will exceed your expectations. I am in awe of their attention to detail and admire the patience, care and service that I was granted. I will be forever grateful for this company and could not have achieved such outstanding results without them!

Torie Z.
MA in Video Art & Media

Academic editing (dissertation/thesis, journal articles)

Keith M.
PhD Candidate in Social Work
As I read through the revisions to my dissertation, I found myself amazed at the level of detail the edits encompassed. Getting started was easy and friendly. Describing the service as thorough doesn’t come close to doing my editor justice. The editing report and document comments were encouraging and instructional. The turnaround time was quick given the massive amount of detailed review involved in the editing. Accepting the document revisions via document tracking was a breeze since the edits were done for me and not simply pointed out for my attention. Well worth the money.
Anita C.
Doctorate in Psychology
As I read through the revisions to my dissertation, I found myself amazed at the level of detail the edits encompassed. Getting started was easy and friendly. Describing the service as thorough doesn’t come close to doing my editor justice. The editing report and document comments were encouraging and instructional. The turnaround time was quick given the massive amount of detailed review involved in the editing. Accepting the document revisions via document tracking was a breeze since the edits were done for me and not simply pointed out for my attention. Well worth the money.

EditingWorm has more than ordinary copy editors, with deep thoughts and great care. My editor took great pains to understand my research and accommodate many of my last-minute requests for editing. Wonderful result!

Christine Wu
PhD in Mass Communication/Media Studies

EditingWorm was a pleasure to work with. Not only were they able to thoroughly edit my dissertation but I was also provided with great feedback about the content that made my dissertation stronger. EditingWorm was very fast and professional and their staff was always available to respond to any questions or comments throughout the process. Thank you!

Niyati G.
PhD Candidate in Psychology
Jenefier G.
Katrina and her staff are the epitome of practicing professional scholars. After years of dealing with another business, the turning point came when I hired EditingWorm to professionally edit my dissertation and they found an error with my data calculations. The EditingWorm staff coordinated with me to recalculate my data and ensure that it was reporting properly. The set prices and prompt professional feedback gave me peace of mind that my monies were being well spent because there was never any surprise billing, which made it more affordable. My goal was to finish by August 1, 2016; gratefully they helped me achieved my goal ahead of time and I was done by July 1, 2016!

I am so very grateful to have been referred to EditingWorm. My writing needed a great deal of help and Katrina and her staff did a wonderful job on my research proposal. Katrina has been very prompt with her responses and everyone there has been supportive and non-judgmental. I will use this service as I finish my research and would recommend them to anyone.

Valerie C.
PhD Candidate in Counseling

EditingWorm’s team are great professionals with flexibility and a willingness to go the extra mile tried and true. Their editors’ bilingual abilities and skill set surpass those of many copy writers and grammarians I have worked with in the past. We were very satisfied with their on time delivered quality product and will certainly keep hiring them for more projects in the future.

Juan R.

Very satisfied. Worth every penny of their rates. One of the best editors I have ever used. Wish I could hire them for everything I write. Very professional and detailed work.

Dave C.
K-12 Educator & Administrator

Scattered, disorganized, and overwhelmed, I needed help getting my thesis past the introduction, so I chose EditingWorm’s weekly coaching sessions. The key benefit that made this worth the price was focus, focus, focus on creating my personal strategy for producing academic work. Graduate school only tells you to go research, write, and then format it in a certain way. Thesis coaching answers the massive question of HOW. My coach had dozens of practical, specific techniques and tips to calmly help me with writer’s block, panic, and procrastination. She would remember what she’d previously recommended when I was too crazed to even remember my own name. When one strategy didn’t work out, she’d suggest another way and show me how to use it until I was producing chapters rather than pages. She also had experience to share about dealing with my thesis committee and other faculty and academics diplomatically but effectively.

Your EditingWorm coach remembers where you are at in your writing, even when you don’t, and has recent and specific experience in academia so she can offer examples of how, exactly, to keep track of your various citations from different sources or expand a bunch of phrases into a chapter within a few days. Their editing was great to help me finish pages on deadline so I could focus on creating, but only coaching imparted to me the lasting ability to write as a scholar on my own.

Maggie W.
MA in Historic Preservation

EditingWorm helped me with three very academic, difficult and detailed papers. The editing was superb. Suggestions were most helpful. I received high marks for the work and I cannot tell you how professional, and competent their editors are. I will definitely use them again. They are outstanding. The editor’s work was excellent, she met every deadline, the prices were fair and reasonable. She is outstanding. Hard to find someone who is great at editing and smart enough to make adjustments. This is a rarity and I got lucky when I picked the right company. I would recommend highly, you will not be disappointed and I assure you this will be the only company you use in the future. Just do not let them get too busy I will need to use them again! Thank you for all you did for me.

Suny B.
M.A. in Education

I would highly recommend EditingWorm to anyone who wants the perfect editing job. I was under the wire to defend my research findings so needed an expedited edit and the EditingWorm team came through for me! My dissertation was back to me in a very short amount of time and it looked beautiful. My committee commented on the fantastic job that they did. I don’t know what I would have done without them as I am not a great writer nor do I enjoy writing. Katrina was also quite supportive as I prepared for my defense hearing, providing suggestions and encouragement. EditingWorm provides the highest possible quality of service.

Victoria B.
PhD in Social Work

Excellent and very professional editor! EditingWorm went above and beyond my expectations with my dissertation proposal. Their editors are experts in this work (English and Spanish). I would highly recommend EditingWorm and will definitely work with them again in the near future! Their pricing is fair and they are very communicative, and open to any suggestions. Thanks EditingWorm!

Baron C.
Doctorate in Psychology

Business (blogs, web content, ebook, case studies)

Marina Gil
Founder of Savvy College Consumer
Rielee Rey
Consultant & Coach

Where has EditingWorm been all my life?! As a busy entrepreneur, they have become my secret weapon for blog posts. Before I discovered their service, I was posting sporadically – once a month at most, and my posts were all over the place, basically whatever popped into my head that I had time to jot down. Now I’m posting regularly and getting great engagement from my followers, plus I’ve been steadily getting more views on my blog page. Couldn’t be happier with having EditingWorm and Katrina as my blogging partners!

Jenna S.
Life coach

The writing staff at EditingWorm transformed my business’ mission statement from something generic and mundane to a unique, attention-grabbing document that helped put us in the spotlight in our industry. I truly appreciated their creativity and hands-on approach and I will definitely be using their services again!

Naadine Koi
Founder & Creative Director of ‘Great Over Good’ Great Over Good

In our business, everything needs to be done the day before yesterday, and with Editing Worm’s quick turnaround and prompt services, I always receive my translated documents with time to spare. The range of subjects their translators are able to tackle and the fact that they offer both Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation really helps us meet the needs of our diverse clientele!

Danny O.
Small Business Owner

I kept having people tell me that I needed to start blogging, but it was never a priority for me. I heard about EditingWorm from a friend and I was really sold by their article on the importance of business blogging. I was so excited when I saw how affordable their blog packages were! I’d gotten quotes from a few digital marketers in the past for full-service content strategy, but they were way out of my budget as a solo practitioner. This was the solution!

Amanda J.

We’ve been using this blog writing service for a few months now and we couldn’t be happier! We haven’t had content posted to our blog this regularly for a long time, and we’re already seeing a boost in traffic. Great investment so far!!!

Jim H.
Real Estate Professional

EditingWorm did a wonderful job with the three articles they completed. The articles were informative, unique and written professionally. I am looking forward to working with them again.

Morgan W.
Small business owner

I’m extremely pleased with the AMAZING work that EditingWorm did! They did a much better job than I could have ever expected. I highly recommend EditingWorm.

Ed M.

EditingWorm did an AMAZING job with my new book. The writer worked with me on the content and the timeline, and made sure to contact me through every step of the project. They are very professional and reliable. I will for sure be using EditingWorm’s writing services again! I am very pleased and recommend them highly to other customers.

Mike B.

I cannot tell you how GREAT their writers are. I have used others and NEVER had anyone do the work, give the help, or be as responsive. This was well worth the money spent and the quality of professional level work was more than expected. I highly recommend EditingWorm and plan to use them again. Outstanding editors, writers, and tutors. They do not make them better. This is as good as it gets!!

Thomas W.

Amazing writer! Wow. I am completely impressed with the outcome. Not only was EditingWorm professional-meeting deadlines, sending samples, etc.—but they have truly gifted writers! Thank you. I would definitely recommend EditingWorm to others and look forward to working with them again! Thank you.

Jennifer S.

EditingWorm went above and beyond on my project. The cost was perfect and the work was excellent. They kept in contact with me throughout the entire process, which was a breath of fresh air, considering it felt like I’ve had to chase down other freelancers before. I would definitely recommend EditingWorm and will absolutely use them again.

Sean H.
Ebook publisher

As usual EditingWorm has done an outstanding job! Timely, responsive and professional. Highly recommended.

Mia L.
Business owner

EditingWorm did a great job on the two articles they wrote for me. I plan to use them on future writing projects.

Pat C.
Construction business owner

I will definitely be using EditingWorm and their poetic skills in the near future. Extremely pleased with the content provided to me.

Rachel L.
Owner of travel agency

EditingWorm was very professional throughout and any changes I asked for throughout the project were promptly completed. The writer was very patient and understanding while I got clear what I wanted. Very pleased with the finished product and will most definitely use their services again!

Rachael K.
Life coach

The project was finished on time, on budget, and exceeded my expectations. I will use EditingWorm again!

Gerry F.
Business executive

I have used Katrina and her team’s services for a few years now and I am always happy with their customer service and copy writing.

Dennis H.
Owner of Zing Studios

College application essays

Superb job! Excellent attention to detail. I am very happy with the results.

Niti A.
Doctoral candidate in Animal Welfare

I am glad I chose EditingWorm! They are very professional and their editing is of a high quality with great insights. They not only edit style and grammar, but also provide valuable comments, suggestions and rearrangement of ideas for the content to look and sound its best. They are very professional with a vast vocabulary. Therefore the work is really value for the money! Thanks again EditingWorm!

Kate L.
MBA Program Applicant

EditingWorm did a fantastic job! They communicated very well with me and were able to understand what I was trying to communicate on my statement of purpose. Their work improved the flow and coherency of my essay and yet it completely respected my writing style. In addition, I was very impressed with their timeliness and responsiveness. I would definitely work with them again!

Angelina R.
Medical School applicant

I contacted EditingWorm for help writing a personal statement for medical school and I am very glad that I did. They have done wonderful work helping me to get my essay where I want it to be. Very professional and quick replies made the entire process efficient and pleasant. I would definitely recommend EditingWorm to anyone who needs help with their writing projects. Thank you very much!!

Alex M.
Medical School applicant

I was at a loss of how to go about writing my personal statement for Nursing School applications, and EditingWorm walked me through the process with patience and invaluable insight into what professional schools are looking for. My editor inspired me to write my story and let my own voice shine through, and thanks to her and Editing Worm I was accepted to my first choice in nursing programs!

Jen Salisbury.
First Year Nursing Student


I was preparing for a big meeting and needed someone to research and write a position paper regarding common business practices in social media. Writing an effective paper required a wide range of high-level skills, including the ability to find needles in the haystack of the internet, the instinct to know good evidence from bad, and the writing chops to assemble all the pieces into a cohesive overview. If you’re reading these words, you probably know it’s rare to find someone with all (or any!) of these skills, and EditingWorm is the real deal. They came through with flying colors and delivered to me exactly the kind of document I needed. Although I had high expectations, I was still pleasantly surprised by the extremely high quality of results.

Kent G.
PhD, Professor of Marketing

Timely and professional. Research savvy and certainly apt for my work. Very appreciative to EditingWorm.

Mia L.
Business owner

Excellent quality of work, on schedule and very responsive. I definitely recommend EditingWorm!

Pat C.
Construction business owner

EditingWorm has exceptional writers. They provided an excellent write up for my project overnight. I highly recommend them. Thanks EditingWorm.

Rachel L.
Owner of travel agency

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