What role do essays play in my overall college application? by James Maynard

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College application essays are one of the most dreaded – and important – parts of a college application.

Your personal essay not only show colleges that you are able to answer the question, but also gives them insight into you as a person. This is because they are not just looking for great content. They are also searching for a better idea of who you are based on your story and the way you frame and develop your narrative. Your essay also shows admissions officers how well you can write. Writing is so critical to a successful college career, that this becomes a major factor.

Role of College Essay: What role do essays play in my overall college application?


Essays become even more important when you may have challenges elsewhere. A less-than-ideal GPA or SAT score becomes more manageable with a good essay. The opposite of this is not true; Good SAT scores or a GPA will not make up for a poor essay. That is another good reason to invest time in writing the best essay possible. Many institutions even read the essay first, weeding out applications without even looking at your test scores or GPA. This adds extra importance to the composition.

Some colleges may ask you to develop a personal statement. Take this opportunity to tell your prospective school about what makes you different.

Remember to take your time with your essays, never rush them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people around you with experience. Experienced writers and avid readers among your friends and family can also be valuable resources when putting your essay together.

Essays can be one of the most important parts of your college application. Spend the time needed to do them right.

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