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31 Mar 2017

Our Favorite Blogs for Writing Inspiration, Advice, and Much, Much More

We all have our favorite blogs that we follow religiously, maybe even anticipating new posts each week to keep us inspired or give us a break from our predictable daily routine. It’s even more fun to discover new blogs to add to one’s repertoire, especially when it comes to writing—and staying consistent with it.

Did you know that a regular writing practice can have a myriad of benefits—from helping us process and heal from difficult times, to expressing gratitude, learning more efficiently, and even becoming better at multitasking? Not to mention, it’s a great way to let the creativity flow, giving us a chance to express ourselves and reflect on our thoughts.

Plus, a regular writing practice gives you the chance to finish up that writing project—be it a novel, dissertation, memoir, article, or blog post—far more quickly, providing you ample time to edit before starting on that next big project. With a daily writing practice, you’ll find yourself feeling like a real, professional writer in no time!

Reading (Blogs or Otherwise): The Perfect Antidote to Writer’s Block!

Of course, sitting down and opening a notepad or Word document isn’t the hard part. Overcoming the dreaded writer’s block, getting the words flowing, and coming up with ideas can be the most difficult aspects of writing, as many of our favorite writing bloggers will attest. That’s why we suggest complementing your writing practice with a constant reading practice, and we have a few writing blogs to help you fulfill just that purpose.

Since the EditingWorm team often gets asked which blogs we follow for writing inspiration, tips, and general wisdom, we decided to put together a list just for you. Here they are without further ado—and in no particular order!

The Inky Path
A supportive community of writers who offer advice, writing prompts, and motivation, the Inky Path is an online version of the dream writer’s workshop. This blog offers hundreds if not thousands of writing prompts, helping you get words on paper even when you feel completely out of ideas. Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, their weekly blog article will be sent straight to your inbox.
Suggested Post: “Writing Prompt: Start Over”


Positive Writer
An amazing resource for finding new writing blogs, books on writing and productivity, and staying inspired as a writer, Positive Writer is the brainchild of the hilarious Bryan Hutchinson. Working to help writers who are in the same position he once was, Positive Writer helps writers feel more confident in their abilities and overcome what he terms “writer’s doubt” to achieve success.
Suggested Post: “I’m a Writer! But I Feel Like a Fake, A Ridiculous Phony”


Detail Collector
In some ways, this blog acts as a model for what many of us should be doing—poet Franciszka “Frankie” Voeltz strives to “collect” 1–10 details a day, meaning that she writes 1–10 brief poems within every 24-hour period. In fact, Frankie has published at least 365 poems a year for the past 7 years straight. On her blog, she shares brilliant suggestions for experimenting with language in ways that are truly innovative and fun.
Suggested Post: “poems without a single word in them”


Language is a Virus
A resource that predominantly targets experimental writers and poets, Language is a Virus draws upon material from some of the most respected writers from the past century and beyond. With a focus on the avant garde, this blog really thinks outside the box to find techniques for breaking writer’s block, using history as its inspiration.
Suggested Posts: “66 Experiments by Charles Bernstein”


Make a Living Writing
In some ways, the title says it all—this blog will literally walk you through the basics of becoming a career writer while leaving out none of the less pleasant details. Although some of the articles can be a bit acerbic, author Carol Tice really breaks down the process of how you can support yourself through writing and how to maintain a successful writer’s attitude.
Suggested Post: “How to Become a Freelance Writer — Even if You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck”


Nicole Fenton
As a successful writer, editor, and content strategist (with her own co-authored book), Nicole Fenton is a fabulous resource for learning how to transition from leisurely, everyday writing to becoming a professional writer. She provides exceptional links and many inspirational articles on her site—check out her “Writing” section for tips on finding your writing niche, getting published, and locating writing jobs.
Suggested Post: “Writing for Beginners”


The Professor Is In
With a heavy focus on academic writing, The Professor Is In builds upon both the academic and alt-ac careers of Dr. Karen L. Kelsky as she shows everyone from undergrad students to current professors how to build a career within or outside of an academic context. Her blog is incredibly comprehensive, with help for everything from applying to grad school to dissertation writing to landing a tenure-track job. We love that it’s heavy on sarcasm and isn’t afraid to bring up the unpleasant realities—try consuming her articles (or book) in small, bite-size sections.
Suggested Posts: “Why Your Job Cover Letter Sucks (and what you can do to fix it)”


One of the definitive online sources for Latinx music, culture, and entertainment, Remezcla acts both as a place to find writing jobs and a venue for getting your writing out there. They focus primarily on supporting Latinx writers and offering advice on how to find success while breaking barriers. It’s also a great source for diverse cultural inspiration!
Suggested Post: “What It’s Like When You’re the Only Latina Writer on a TV Show”


Brain Pickings
A gorgeous collection of the histories of writers, books, reading, and art, Brain Pickings is the inspiration motherlode. In line with its name, Brain Pickings makes you rethink what defines a successful writing practice by highlighting some of the stranger habits and ideas from authors whose works have entered the so-called canon.
Suggested Post: “Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity, Visualized”


PhD 2 Published
Focusing on all facets of academic writing, from dissertation to job applications to books and journal articles, PhD to Published offers advice for academics at all points in their careers. Witty but realistic, PhD 2 Published helps you find the motivation you need to get started and stay focused on your academic writing project, whatever it is.
Suggested Post: “Writing a book – when life gets in the way” by Astrid Bracke


The Nanowrimo Blog
The National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) blog focuses on trying to undermine writer’s block and inspire novelists. Primarily addressing the challenge of getting ideas onto the page, the Nanowrimo Blog also offers tips and motivation from bestselling authors like James Patterson, Sara Gruen, and Neil Gaiman.
Suggested Post: “4 Tips to Help You Recapture Your Writing Joy”


The Perfect Marriage: A Good Reading & Writing Practice

 As EditingWorm’s staffers will confirm, nothing helps build a consistent writing practice like a regular reading practice. By perusing texts, taking notes, and learning from the wisdom of our fellow writers, we continuously grow and develop our own writing.

As many of these bloggers demonstrate, success means something different for each of us—but with the right resources, you’ll be crossing your own personal finish line in no time!


Keep Writing,
Katrina Oko-Odoi
Founder & Chief Editor

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