31 Mar 2017

Our Favorite Blogs for Writing Inspiration, Advice, and Much, Much More

We all have our favorite blogs that we follow religiously, maybe even anticipating new posts each week to keep us inspired or give us a break from our predictable daily routine. It’s even more fun to discover new blogs to add to one’s repertoire, especially when it comes to writing—and staying consistent with it. Did you know that a regular writing practice can have a...
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23 Dec 2016

‘Tis the Season! The Surprising Origins of Holiday Rituals

Have you ever wondered about the origins of some of our favorite holiday words and traditions? Like, why is a poinsettia considered a winter holiday plant? And why do we kiss underneath the mistletoe? Plus, did you know that the generic term “menorah” actually applies to the candelabrum used in Temple year-round? Whatever you’re celebrating this season, these fun holiday facts are sure to amaze...
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16 Dec 2016

Says Who?! Why Objectivity is Important for Your Business Blog

Blog content is a great way to establish credibility for your company’s website while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and improving ROI. Research shows that a large percentage of blog readers, roughly 74%, trust content that appears objective when educating readers about particular topics—these visitors are far more likely to become future customers. For blog content to be effective, it must at the very least: Maintain...
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22 Aug 2016

Reel Them In: 6 Ways to “Hook” Your Readers With Attention-Grabbing Blog Headlines

Catching readers’ attention online today is harder than ever. You might have seen the astounding statistics about the sheer volume of content being released on a daily basis: Nearly 2 million new blog articles are posted everyday. Readers are literally being flooded with information. With so much content out there, it can be extremely difficult to reel in visitors to your blog. And it’s even...
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3 Aug 2016

On The Executive Path? How a business doctorate can further your career

With so many students pursuing MBAs in the last decade, some notable voices are arguing that MBAs just aren’t as valuable as they used to be (US News, The Atlantic, Fortune). While the skills and critical thinking developed in an MBA program are invaluable to most organizations and can help one stand out from peers without MBAs, it is increasingly likely that your competition will...
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25 Jul 2016

Why Should My Business Start a Blog?

Starting a blog for your business may initially seem like a lot of work—all those hours coming up with topics, writing posts, and finding images—for very little payoff (will it even lead to sales?). So is it really worth it? The short answer: YES, absolutely! Before we get started talking about the numerous benefits of maintaining an active business blog, let’s clear up one misnomer...
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22 Jul 2016

20 Costly Errors to Avoid in Your Blog Posts

Writing for blogs or websites can be tricky. With just a couple steps in the wrong direction, your copy can lose tremendous value. When writing, it’s incredibly important to know what mistakes might ruin your work. To help you out, we’ve assembled a list of 20 costly errors to avoid when writing online content. No Target Audience: While it might seem like a good idea...
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