26 Apr 2013

Converting Your Resume To A CV: Making the Transition From Student to Scholar

Spotlight on: Converting Your Resume to a CV As an incoming graduate student, how do you put your best foot forward in your new career? For many people, the transition from the undergraduate experience or the general work world to a profession in academia can be bumpy, to say the least. Why is this? In my personal opinion, it’s because the administrators of many graduate...
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4 Mar 2013

“Borrón y cuenta nueva”: La negación de la historia en “Viaje a la semilla” por Alejo Carpentier

Katrina’s analytical discussion – written in Spanish – of the short story “Viaje a la semilla” (“Journey to the source”) by Cuban author Alejo Carpentier. Siempre he admirado el dominio experto del idioma español y la dicción amplia que manejaba el gran escritor cubano Alejo Carpentier. Su empleo de descripción detallada y sensorial dentro de distintos discursos lingüísticos y diversos estilos literarios es impresionante –...
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22 Feb 2013

Finding Flight: Capturing the Complexity of Climate Change and Defying Traditional Gender Roles in Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior

Katrina’s Review of: Kingsolver, Barbara. Flight Behavior. New York: HarperCollins, 2012. 433 pages.   Since I was a teenager, Barbara Kingsolver has been one of my favorite authors. My mom, my sister and I used to pass around her books as if they were exotic sweets. I was first exposed to her writing through her novel The Bean Trees (1988), which I believe, if I...
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29 Jan 2013

Unraveling History in Christi Phillips The Devlin Diary

Katrina’s Review of: Phillips, Christi. The Devlin Diary. New York: Pocket Books, 2009.    The Devlin Diary, Christi Phillips’ much-anticipated (at least by me!) second novel, does not disappoint. This engrossing book picks up where The Rossetti Letter left off with historian Claire Donovan fresh out of graduate school and beginning her professorial career at none other than the illustrious Trinity College in the historic...
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