19 Sep 2013

How Personal Should You Make Your Application?

  A Guest Blog by James Maynard There are two ways of playing a college application. One way is to look as professional as possible. Students who do this take no chances and don’t allow themselves any room to make mistakes. For some colleges, like business schools, filling out an application like this might be a wise choice. For many schools, however, this may not...
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19 Sep 2013

Becoming a Better Writer… There’s Always Room for Improvement, Even for the Experts!

By Katrina Oko-Odoi Reading is the creative center of a writer’s life…you cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you. -Stephen King             I’m often asked by aspiring writers how they can improve their writing skills. Even the most expert writers out there are constantly striving to improve their craft, so it’s a...
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30 Jul 2013

Finding the Right Hook: Writing the Perfect Opening Line for your College Admissions Essay

So, you’ve started to feel the pressure… Fall is right around the corner, and those application deadlines will be here before you know it. The college application process is daunting enough without having to think about writing an essay on which your entire future may depend. Many universities place a lot of emphasis on the admissions essay, which is also sometimes referred to as a...
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7 Jun 2013

Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent: Rescuing Female Figures from the Margins of Biblical Scripture

Katrina’s Review of: Diamant, Anita. The Red Tent. New York: Picador USA, 1997. 321 pages.   Well, I may have gotten to this book about a decade late, but graduate school has severely limited the scope of my reading over these past few years. I’m finally getting around to some of those novels I’ve had piling up in my mental reading list, or physically gathering...
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23 May 2013

Finding the Antidote to Graduate School Senioritis

Finding the Antidote to Graduate School Senioritis By Katrina Oko-Odoi   While I have shared my number one secret for dissertation writing success already, finding an antidote to that vexing feeling of senioritis—of the graduate school variety—is another story altogether. I admit that I have struggled with the terrible habit of procrastination throughout my graduate (and undergraduate) career, but the feeling of being so close...
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21 May 2013

Evolution of Your Thesis: The Last Fifteen Minutes by Dora Farkas

I went to middle school and high school in New York City and one of my favorite places to visit was (and still is) the Museum of Natural History (by the way, the movie “Night at the Museum” does not do its magnificent exhibits justice). A very memorable exhibit is the “Evolutionary Clock” which compresses the evolution of the Earth (about 4 billion years) into...
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